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PlayStation 4

The new PlayStation 4 debuted yesterday with a surprising plot twist in the plot. There was no console debut. It was bizarre that there was so much hype about the release of the new console and the only hardware that appeared was the controller, and new camera system. The new controller looks really cool with a touchscreen, but I can’t get over the fact that they didn’t show the console.

After watching game company after game company show off their incredibly amazing looking games I lost track of time, and really was focused on the graphics.  The graphics and processing seems amazing! The real life looks and subtle details that games can generate finally rival that of Hollywood CGI movies.  There were facial expressions that were almost beyond my own, and cars that looked so real that they can drive off of the screen and become real. The new editions to the PS4 family looked so incredibly crisp, clear and wait you can download them all from the internet? Yes, the next big thing is that you download all of your games with the new console. It seems as though all we will need in internet and a hard drive, but will it be solid state? You can also play games as they download, and not pay until you really “love them”.  I think that means you get a certain amount of time free, or limited features.  Sorry GameFly, you might be out of business with the PS fans.  Also, there is a new open kit for developers to really take the PS4 to the next level and build their own amazing games.  All of this is great, but where is the hardware?

The games move on and on, so many in the 2 hrs, but the grand finale was PlayStation adding two new developing companies to their arsenal.  We hear about so many current companies producing so many other games then there is silence. There is some slight suspense in the room waiting to hear about the new companies that will be producing games for the PS4 (and PS3) console. Epic music starts to play and you hear and old wise man com over the audio, claiming to be Dekard Cain. Yes! Blizzard is going to be porting Diablo III to the PS4. The crowd does nothing, and it is quite awkward. You would expect at least one clap, but nothing.  We all know as gamers that title has been out for so long that everyone has leveled up as much as they probably want at this point and no expansion? So the stage goes quiet, and more epic music plays. You see 4 men walk on the stage and, yes it is everyone from the Bungee studio! The new game Destiny appears to be a pre-Halo MMORPG that happens in real-time and you can control things from your mobile device. This is another leap for gaming, but is it enough?

PlayStation, great job introducing your titles and showing that it is more about the experience of the gaming rather than the console. However, for most of us heavy gamers we would have like to see the console, hardware, and a demo of how it should be played rather than titles most of us would have downloaded and played anyways regardless of the graphics because there are so many challenging fun games. Kudos to the developers and companies producing games, because without them the PS4 would juts be a computer.


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